Kevin Zimmerman


AHA, "Dinner Plans"

Sprite, "Big Taste"

Jack in the Box "Beefin' Up"

Little Caesars, "Going Nuts."

Domino's "Pizza Payback"

The Archives

Wonderful Pistachios, "Not So Crazy"

Milkbone "Ring Bearer"

Juicy Fruit "Armpit"

Sprite "Carnival" "Launch"

Short Films and Music Videos

Autotrader "Greek"

Mio “Desert Planet”

Google "For Bigger Fun"

Chase "Uganda" "Awkward Moment"

Magic the Gathering Arena "Training Montage"

Jell-O "Comb Over"

Starburst "Mean Streets"

FOTL "Most Epic Soft Story Ever Told"

Sprite "Endorser"

Planters "Crunch Time"

Miller Lite "Karaoke"

Otterbox "S'mores"

Microsoft "The Wedding"

Girls Who Code "Compilation"